Salming Recoil Trail Warrior Black

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The newcomer in the family of running trail shoes - the Salming Recoil Trail Warrior - will delight you with its comfort from the first time you put them on. The solidly wide two-layer upper together with the premium Salming Recoil+™ cushioning and the new Salming PRO Grip™ sole concept will leave you in no doubt whether you will find a use for these shoes in your running shoe collection. Whether your steps are aimed at a shorter trail run or straight into a mountain challenge, the Salming Recoil Trail Warrior will serve you reliably.

The core element of this Scandinavian innovation is a completely new sole concept bearing the name Salming PRO Grip™. The sole is dominated by an atypically constructed 5 mm high pattern that is divided into two parts. In the front part of the sole, the studs are shaped to bite into the terrain with maximum efficiency when running uphill. On the other hand, those in the rear are mirrored in such a way as to give every runner as much confidence as possible even during the most extreme run.

The two-layer upper combines a proven breathable knit, which is covered with thermoformed polyurethane elements in key places for protection and increased stability. However, what your feet will appreciate most of all is the inner lining, which is made of a really soft material with a hexagon pattern.

The last but no less important part of the shoes is their midsole. The years-proven Salming Recoil+™ premium material, known from the road models of the Swedish brand, also works excellently in a trail environment. Sufficiently damping even during longer outings in nature, but at the same time sufficiently active and stable. Just what every trail runner needs.

Are you looking for a trail shoe that's guaranteed to hold you in all conditions and that you'll rely on even on the steepest run? Salming Recoil Trail Warrior will be right for you.

Drop: 6 mm
Midsole: Recoil™ PLUS
Weight:305 g (USA 9)
Sole profile: 29mm - 23mm
Outsole: Salming PRO Grip™



The 2024 Salming Running Range is all in Unisex Sizing so please check your size before ordering!

Men – sizing is unchanged so order your normal size

Women – your sizing has changed! If you normally take a USA 8.5 your are now a USA 7.5 in Unisex sizing. So whatever your size is normally in USA size, order one whole size smaller: USA 8.5 becomes USA 7.5, USA 10 becomes USA 9 etc etc