Why you should rotate your runners

Why you should rotate your runners

Just as you would do different sessions to improve your running ability its important to rotate your runners. Rotating your runners has a variety of benefits such as; ensuring they last longer, strengthening different muscles, using the right shoe for the right session. 


Your shoes will last longer:

A rather obvious one but by rotating between different pairs of runners you ensure they last longer than just using the same pair over and over again. Overtime the foam in the midsole breaks down becoming harder and less cushioned so by utilising a different pair you ensure your shoes stay fresher for longer.


Strengthening different muscles:

Shoes with different heel to toe drop strengthen and use different muscles. By training and racing with a variety of different shoes you ensure your entire foot is strong. This also conversely reduces strain on particular parts of the foot, shoes with a low drop utilise more of the achilles muscle thereby if constantly using low drop shoes you can develop achilles tendonitis so by using a higher drop shoe for some runs you mitigate this risk of injury.


Using the right shoe for the right session:

Just as F1 drives utilise different tyres for different distances and conditions using the right pair of shoes for the particular session you have planned can be extremely beneficial. The Salming Recoil Lyte 2 is a fantastic tempo shoe, it is extremely responsive making it great for fast sessions including intervals and time trials. By contrast the Recoil Prime 2 is a fantastically cushioned daily trainer that is better suited to longer runs. By mixing these shoes in for the appropriate session not only do they last longer but you also have the right shoe for the right session.


Next time you need a pair of runners consider the session types you will use them for, what runners do you currently have and what are you looking to get out of a shoe. These questions will be paramount in ensuring you not only reduce injuries but also get the most out of your shoes.