What shoes do you need for squash?

What shoes do you need for squash?

There are several reason why your fancy runners just wont cut it on the squash court, or the pickleball or padel court for that matter. Runners are designed to do one thing and one thing only, help you run. Squash shoes or court shoes on the other hand are designed specifically to handle the movements of these sports. Below are the key reasons why you need squash shoes to play squash.


Court shoes provide lateral support:

Runners are designed to help you move in a straight line with minimal twisting and turning. Racquet sports on the other hand involve lots of hard, quick and random movements, all of which require additional stability. Salming court shoes feature an anti roll bar to ensure you dont roll your ankle whilst playing.


The upper is built to last:

Your fancy runners often feature a lightweight breathable upper which is extremely soft, whilst this is great for running those uppers wont stand up to the toe dragging movement of court sports. Salming uppers are lightweight and breathable whilst not compromising on durability so you arent buying a new pair after a few matches.


Court shoes are non marking:

The soft rubber on your runners rubs off extremely easily on the court leaving behind undesirable streaks all along the court. Save the soles of your shoes and your local centre owner some hassle and invest in court shoes that dont leave marks all over the court.


Get the right grip:

As mentioned court sports feature random movements requiring a robust grip to stop your slipping and sliding everywhere. Many will feature a herringbone outsole to ensure you get maximal grip on the court.


For shoes that will stack up to any challenge on court, check out the range of Salming squash and court shoes today!