Running for sports

Running for sports

Running is an incredible form of cross training. Very few cross training modalities contain such variety and benefits as running. Running can be used to strengthen the body (particularly hamstrings and hip flexors when sprinting), improve endurance (via long steady work) and improve anerobic capacity (via high intensity intervals). 


Running is also the ultimate go anywhere training method requiring only a pair of shoes and some open space to get going. For decades athletes have utilised running as a key component of their fitness training. Below are a few of the key running workouts used by court sport athletes (squash, pickleball, padel and tennis players). Salmings latest running range combines the perfect amount of cushion with stability to ensure you protect your joints on each run.  


1/ The Mona Fartlek:
Equal work to “rest” you do 2x 90 seconds, 4x 60 seconds, 4x 30 seconds, 4x 15 seconds. The intervals can be all out efforts with either a walk or complete rest after or they can be moderate efforts building in intensity as the duration drops with the “rest time” being a light jog. Typically that is how I will perform the session and I go all out for the last 2 15 second sprints.

2/ Hill Sprints:
I like doing 30 seconds sprint, 30 seconds walk / very light jog back down. Typically I shoot for 8-10 sets. A good warm up before hand and maximal effort are what make this session great. Done correctly this will build great strength in the legs.

3/ Easy run with strides:
I typically do a 40 min easy zone 2 run, at about the 20 min mark I’ll do 6 sets of strides (akin to sprints) for about 80m. Walk back after each set then once complete continue on for an easy 10 min run to finish.

4/ 400s
This can be a brutal session! I like a 1:1 work to rest ratio shooting for 8-14 repeats. The goal is to maintain a consistent pace the whole way through.


If you are an athlete looking to get in shape for your respective sport give running a go and see why S&C coaches have prescribed it for decades to their athletes.