Pennant Squash Essentials

Pennant Squash Essentials

With the start of the pennant season looming its not too late to get your kit sorted for the upcoming season. Preparation is one of the pillars of success when it comes to squash and having the right gear is an easy thing to tick off. Check out our top tips for having the right kit for your upcoming pennant season below:


Don't compromise on shoes!

If you break a string you can borrow a racquet, if you forget a shirt i'm sure there will be someone with a spare, neither of these truly affect how you will perform. A pair of shoes that are falling apart at the seams, an old and worn out tread, worn away and brittle cushioning in your shoes will all extremely negatively affect your performance. Furthermore the aforementioned increase your risk of injury significantly. Having the right footwear is paramount to not only keeping you safe and injury free but also feeling good around the court. All Salming shoes are light, well cushioned and come in a range of fits, styles and types to suit your game.


Find a frame thats right for you!

Open throat (tear drop) or bridged throat (tennis racquet shape) or somewhere in the middle. Head light or head heavy? These are the sort of questions you need to answer when it comes to finding the right frame for you. Once you know what type of frame best suits your game we always recommend getting 2 or more of them so that if you snap a string or break a frame you have another familiar racquet ready to go.


Feel fresh on the court!

Squash is a tiring, exhausting and sweaty game. Get clothing designed to cope with these conditions. Choose materials such as those used in Salming apparel to wick away moisture and keep you feeling fresh all game long. Those old cotton T-shirts and tight restrictive shorts aren't doing you any favours on court!


String for success!

Having multiple racquets is great but as we know strings make the biggest difference when it comes to feel. Having your racquets strung regularly with a string you like is critical. Many frames come with not so great factory strings, Salming racquets on the other hand come strung with Salming string which gives a great feel as it is a nice and soft string.


Having the right gear can have a huge impact on your game. Check out the latest Salming range for gear to suit your needs or head into your local squash centre and have a chat with the friendly team.